Positive for a change

So I’ve posted over Christmas and New Year about my family, my anger, my Dad and all the floods of emotions I’ve felt. I think I’ve been lingering on it for too long, letting it drag me down into a dark place again, but I’m not letting it anymore. So finally I can share the good things guys.

Today I got offered a new job, and I may possibly be offered something else on Monday too, but it’s completely new for me and I was scared by this, but my new manager isn’t. He has identified all my qualities which make me perfect for the role and I’m actually looking forward to starting. I’m back running (FINALLY) with my eye surgery and a foot strain I had, I’ve been unable to do much physical exercise and although my body aches, it aches in a good way again. I’m eating healthier too, I want to find a way to fuel my body so I’m not tired all the time, I’m hoping it will help me keep in better spirits too. I’ve quit smoking, 10 full days now and it’s not been easy but I’m working on it. I am still clean and sober, even after everything over the festive period, to be honest I think it helped me secure my sobriety even more. My mum is an alcoholic and seeing her drowning her problems made me work harder on it. I even attended a few meetings and booked a few more sessions with a therapist.

Final bit of good news is that we have set a date to go travelling. On December 27th 2019, my flatmate and I (maybe another friend of ours also) will be boarding a flight to Australia, then on to New Zealand, across Asia, then we have to return for a wedding and a quick top up of funds before we drive through Europe and then on to the USA. I have a savings account (WITH SOME ACTUAL FUNDS ALREADY IN IT) which is growing slowly and a wall chart with our plans mapped out. I am so excited and glad to have something to work towards.

I hope that everyone’s 2019 is going well so far!


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